Please note that for the majority of these templates – audio and images are NOT included. However, links are provided should you wish to purchase them.

Q1. Are your video templates easy to customize?

Yes, each template comes as a Microsoft Powerpoint file that can easily be customised.  All elements of the template can even be customised using the Free online version of Powerpoint.  We also include full documentation with every template that covers all aspects including changing the colour scheme, installing fonts, working with images, data charts, adding audio and recording your final video using Powerpoint’s built in recording tools.

Q2. Can I use the templates in PowerPoint on a PC as well as a Mac?

Yes, we included a comprehensive PDF file with all the instructions that you will need. The actual “tabs” may be a little different on a Mac but the principles are the same.

Q3. What do you recommend if I don’t have PowerPoint?

Well then… this can be more complicated. You can do it online in Google Docs but audio can only be added via YouTube. You would still need to find a way to convert it to a video. In this case the best option would be to outsource the changes you have made. See question 8.

Q4. I want to use my own images, is this possible?

Yes.  Our templates are designed for you to upload your own images.  Most templates are delivered without images however we also include a separate documentation file which includes links to all the images we have used in the template previews.  These are high quality images that can be purchased separately (should you wish) from Shutterstock.

If the template included the images themselves then they are copyright free and you can use them OR replace them with your own.

Q5. I’d like to change the audio on my template.  Is this easy to do?

Yes, very easy.  Again the audio used in the previews on this site are for demo purposes only and must be purchased separately if you choose to use them. We provide a link to the audio.  Its very easy to add your own audio or even a voice over.  Our documentation supplied with each template will cover how to do this.

If you want premium but affordable music clips, might we recommend one of our own products? Click here to see our music and images for purchase.

Q6. I’d like to change the audio on the done for you whiteboard video.  Can I?

This is possible but you will need to send us an email (Use the contact form here) with your receipt asking for the video without audio and we will send it to you.

Q7. I’m not sure I understand the licensing. Can you clarify it for me?

Of course; it can be a little confusing. Check out the different licenses here and if you still have questions, please send us an email.  (Use the contact form here)  To make things easier, you should also receive the appropriate license certificate in your download package for future reference.

Q8. I know you say it’s easy but I am a technologically challenged. Can I pay you or someone else to make the modifications?

Absolutely!  You can outsource to someone like or get us to do it for you. We do charge $97 for this service. If you have made the modifications to the template and simply need it to be converted with your audio into a video format, we charge $47.  Once again, please send us an email.  (Use the contact form here) and we will get in touch with you.

Q9. What makes your templates special?

Well as we have said, most of our products are premium templates and not cheap knock offs. Each template comes with its own unique set of icons that costs $12 on iStock. (Click here to see an example of a business icon pack.)

Check around as some of our templates do come with a professional voice over but most do not.

In addition, each slide has been carefully and professionally designed. They are not dependent on a specific order – although we have arranged then in a recommended order. Usually you will find more slides that you wish to use and that is OK – in fact we don’t really expect you to use them all. But if you do…. that’s OK too.

There are no common royalty free images that everyone has seen or music tracks that we have heard over and over.  We encourage you to get out your smart phone and take some real photos of your business or service to use.

If you want new but affordable music clips or images that haven’t been floating around the internet for anyone to download, we recommend one of our own products? Click here to see our music and images for purchase.

I have a different question that I need answered.

Please send us an email (Use the contact form here).